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Salthouse International Marine


Salthouse International Marine

"For more than 30 years our families boat building businesses have used Chatfield Engineering's stern gear and glands with great success and dependability."

We have only ever run into problems when we have been talked into trying alternative companies products, which have often proven to be inferior.... 

When it comes to lifting 50-70ft boats out of the water for repairs, it is very expensive indeed.  They can be easily damaged during this process.  So that is why we insist on fitting the new Chatfield Marine Commercial Blue Water Seals, to all our new boats.  As they not only have a removable front plate and a replacement seal which can be easily changed within 5 minutes while still in the water, they also have a simple conventional backup which ensures the boat will not have to come out of the water at anytime just to fix a stern gland leak.  So your cruising is uninterrupted and costs are minimized."

"Their dripless glands, means a dry bilge, preventing corrosion and mess".

Don Salthouse


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