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Blue Water Shaft Seal Commercial Model

shaft_com.jpgChatfield Marine has developed a new commercial model of our famous ‘Blue Water Shaft Seal.

Commercial boat operators require a shaft sealing system that can be serviced without having to slip their boat and remove the shaft coupling.

Fully water cooled and lubricated, this unit requires very little maintenance.

A spare seal element is held in a specially developed plastic carrier just ahead of the seal head. Should a seal element need replacing it is simply a matter of removing the retaining plate, splitting the follower, cutting off the old seal and sliding in the new one.
Re-fit the follower and retaining plate and the seal unit is fully operational again.


SSP1003 2 ¾” 4 ½” 114.3mm
SSP1004 3” 4 ½” 114.3mm
SSP1005 3 ½” 5” 127mm
SSP1006 4” 6” 152.4mm
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