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Vesconite Bushes (Stern Bearings)

bearings2.jpgVesconite is extremely versatile. It out performs most plain bearing materials in unlubricated, lubricated or water lubricated applications.

Vesconite combines many of the advantages of metallic and non-metallic bearings and bushes. It has a higher design load limit than white metal (babbit), a higher fatigue strength and two to three times the wear life.

Vesconite gives up to 10 times the service life of phosphor bronze in poorly lubricated conditions.

Vesconite has negligible water absorption characteristics. Vesconite is one of the most dimensionally stable synthetic bearing materials available. Vesconite swell is less than 0.07%. Nylon swell is typically up to 3%, thus requiring excessive clearances, which reduces wear life.

Vesconite does not lose hardness in water like nylon. So even in water, Vesconite retains its high resistance to creep and wear.

As it is not a laminated product, Vesconite does not delaminate.

Vesconite has a much lower friction than most laminates, elastomers and nylons and in most applications a superior resistance to wear.

In rudder applications, the low static and dynamic coefficients of friction of Vesconite mean lower power requirements for the steering gear.

In addition to the low wear rate experienced by Vesconite bushes, users report greatly reduced wear rates on metal journal surfaces such as propeller shaft and shaft liners.

Vesconite is not susceptible to electrolytic corrosion.

bearings3.jpg Vesconite does not contain asbestos or other fibres. It is both easy and safe to machine on standard metalworking equipment Vesconite bushes are straight forward to install and easily removed. Vesconite is resistant to most acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and fuels.

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Chatfield Marine manufactures a full range of Vesconite bushes machined to standard rubber bearing sizes complete with waterways. Sizes are as follows:
(Or we are happy to machine these bearings to any size not listed that you require)

 VSB0.75-1.25  3/4  19.05  1-1/4  31.75  3  76.2
 VSB1-1.25  1  25.4  1-1/4 31.75  4  101.6
 VSB1.25-1.75  1-1/4  31.75  1-3/4  44.45  5  127
 VSB1.5-2.00  1-1/2  38.1  2  50.8  6  152.4
 VSB1.75-2.37  1-3/4  44.45  2-3/8  60.3  7  177.8
 VSB2-2.62  2  50.8  2-5/8  66.675  8  203.2
 VSB2.25-3.00  2-1/4  57.15  3  76.2  9  228.6
 VSB2.25-2.94  2-1/4  57.15  2-15/16  74.612  9  228.6
 VSB2.5-3.25  2-1/2  63.5  3-1/4  82.55  10  254
 VSB2.5-3.37  2-1/2  63.5  3-3/8  85.70  10  254
 VSB2.75-3.50  2-3/4  69.85  3-1/2  88.9  11  279.4
 VSB3-3.75  3  76.20  3-3/4  95.25  12  304.8
 VSB3.25-4.0  3-1/4  82.55  4  101.6  13  330.20
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